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*Trigger Warning"
I was always proud of myself for never being jealous of anyone.
From past year,I feel depressed or somewhat jealous of people who show love to each other in public place.
I feel uncomfortable around those who keep telling how they are daily taking efforts for their aspirations (like my office colleague who doesn’t miss a single day telling how much he enjoyed his gym session and how is he following a new diet).
I never was in relationship nor I am looking for one.I do have my aspirations but I prefer keeping them to myself because they will automatically show up once completed and I also don’t wish to attract unnecessary jealousy.
I hate myself for judging those who don’t behave like me.But I also don’t know why and from where it is coming?
Why I am not among those who follow their own path without comparing to / judging others?
I even talked to helplines but Aasra did not talk properly,iCall told me that I am a jealous person in a diplomatic way with sugar coated words,Vandervella told me to look for local counselor.
Am I really that bad person?
I approached these helplines so they will understand me non-judgementally and help me get to the root cause.
I really doubt these peoples’ educational qualification in psychology if they couldn’t handle simpler issue like this.
Or probably I have a real problem which doesn’t have a solution apart from calling myself a bad person.

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The feeling of jealousy you are facing is totally normal dear. We are human kind and we tend to compare ourselves with people. Every single human has their own personality, no two ppl can be same. Even twins tend to differ in behavior.  The things you do, how you act is your style. You can compare only from who you were yesterday and who you are today. Set Your Own Mark.!


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