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*Trigger Warning
I am having this constant thought of killing myself, last night one thing was on repeat more in my mind “cut that blood vein” I don’t know how did I not do it

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Prem @prem

Hi dear
Have you gone through some trauma or unpleasant experience?
Please share with me here so we can dig into your issue.


I’m so glad you didn’t do it…You gave your self another chance, it’s so brave of you…with all that must be weighing heavy on your mind, I’m just so glad you didn’t do it…I hope you’re proud of yourself too… Tell me how you’re doing today :)

Khushboo @khushboo

Hi, why are you feeling this? It’s really not a good idea to harm yourself. 
Put the thought of killing yourself away. Life is so precious that we can’t even think of ending it. 
Stay positive.


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