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After a horrifying experience with depression and just right before entering a post-grad education, I am now finding it hard to stay focus and my memory abilities seem to go slower. It’s really frustrating how I’ve changed. I can’t even finish one topic and understand it. My fear of not being good enough is always bothering me. I don’t even know if I’m doing fine, I just carry on everyday trying to do my best but somehow doing my best adds up more to my frustrations. Sometimes, I don’t know if carrying on doing my best will make me feel good at the end or giving up and just do the things that might feel good would help.

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hey!!! Just carry on everyday and keep doing. Don’t worry about if it’s your best or not. Don’t take that pressure. Just keep on doinggg and doingg, that’ll make you feel more happier and satisfied! Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Don’t pressurise yourself. Don’t study topic by topic. Take up 1 page or take up 1 paragraph and just focus on that without taking the pressure of learning the entire topic. Take it slow. It’s all right, you will be okay and you will do great. Just give yourself some time and don;t pressurise yourself.


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