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"Today, when you look around, you’ll see everyone being driven to action by stress.

Stress of the job, stress of finances, stress of not doing enough, and stress of wanting more. We humans are basically 90% stressed individuals who are living or surviving because we have to. What is the fun in that now? 😮‍💨

That is why we all should indulge in mindfulness and balance our lives.

The choice is always in our hands, to live or to survive? Your choice, my friend, your choice. 🤷

Tell us what you choose in the comments below! 🧡"

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Saba Kazmi @prize_giggler

I feel down


I wish I can be more mindful and love myself, but it is impossible with everything that I am going through. 

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Prashant J. @prashant_jitu...

Dear One - Everything you’ve been going through can’t be you. These are situations and anything external can’t always be controlled or changed
What matters is your internal environment which is in your control.

Tune this environment and the external will appear different ❣️




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