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Today I reached a new low. Someone added me on Facebook and it was clearly a fake profile. But I felt so lonely that I wrote the hole day with this person.

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How did it go? Did you make a new friend, even if it was a fake profile?


Hey Amigo, let me tell you something interesting about me. There was a time when I was so low and lonely that I felt like talking to dogs around the street. The only problem was we didn’t understand each others language and it caused a communication gap. So, I miserably had to switch to humans. It happens, you know. When there are a plethora of people around us to talk but we do not feel connection. And this connection issue (like JIO, and Airtel ) happened with me as well. I don’t know your reasons and I am not sharing mine either. I like to save my secrets for my saucy and bossy future girlfriend. But yes I would like to tell you what I actually did.

I made a profile in kik app, a fake profile. I acted as a girl and joined in groups full of boys. All I used to do was to write a HI and boys would rush like hungry creatures, messaging me personally. I talked a lot with them, made a fake and interesting identity of mine and told them about me. They were impressed as hell. Some talked about s*x and wanted me to sk their dk. Well I blocked them at once because I didn’t care about their dicks, I have my own. 100s of boys would text me the very next day. So I had the power to choose as to whom to chat with and whom to block. I even met a few amazing guys there, who were witty and interesting. I really had a good time. Withing a few weeks I uninstalled the app and made a few friends. Now I don’t feel the urge to go to that app anymore. I call my friends and talk my heart out. Everyone is free in this lockdown.

So don’t ever feel low of talking to fake people. Just make sure you don’t reveal your personal information or Adhaar card details. Have fun, enjoy your day.

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