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Today I have lost all the faith and trust what you have in friendship
I was try to contact one of my best friend since weeks but there was no reply today I again called her and she called back after an hour and this is what she told me that smjh nhi araha I am not picking your cal it means I am ignoring you mera kisi de baat krne ka mann nhi krta and all I said okay as you wish and she cut the call

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It feels so uncomfortable and so alone. The world feels this. Go and meet her. She is troubled. Go and hug her


Recently I lost almost two more friends why is it always that I am there for everyone and when I need someone I have to call them and tell them please help me or listen to me
The way she spoke na was not expected today i felt that maybe I should have never met her
How can you say someone such things


What if she is going through a tough time herself? What if she is hurting and isn’t able to share it with others? Yiu never know what someone is going through.


I am also having many problems I wanted her this time wanted her advice but the way she spoke and cut the call today it felt like I never knew her

Maybe she’s going through much in her life but we have two friends in common that’s it I have known her since 5 years her parents doesn’t knew me so I can’t go to meet her and I won’t be able to ever call her too after what she did today


Hey, it’s okay! I know you must be hurt! I have faced that same thing. But, it can be possible that she is also anxious rn, right? And you don’t have to understand her emotions if you don’t want to. But don’t hate her! Just give her and yourself some space! Do your thing! Forget about her and the person if they can’t/ don’t help you. It will just make it more uncomfortable. There are many people here on this site or any part of the world who can hear you. So you can try approaching them


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