Today I don’t really well at all. Because I’m supposed to be back with my girlfriend. But it seem like we just can’t get along at all. I’m a but depressed right now. And also I’m unemployed because of covid 19. The companys are not recruiting people’s right now. They said after the covid situation better. They will start recruiting again.

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Sorry to hear that @selbat, it really is such a difficult time for us all. But I suppose you can view this as another opportunity to try some online jobs or things like that which you can do online and get paid for in the meantime if that’s possible. As far as your girlfriend is concerned, I’m sure that’s a whole another story and I’d like to know if you’d like to share. In life, often, we drift apart from the people we once loved. That’s alright, life moves on, and more people come into our lives.

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