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today i almost ended my life. my living situation isnt easy. i live in a group home. i have no family. a girl here saved my life. if it wasnt for her i wouldve given up. i tried so hard today but i decided to let go. I am glad that i didnt let go. i still want to let go for life but its hard for me. many people are back stabbers. it sucks.

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I tried as well. I was about to fight my mom and I went in the kitchen and grabbed a knife and went into the bathroom. I ended up stopping because my brother called my aunt and she told me to come out and calm down. Im at her house rn and Child protection is coming tomorrow.


I know how you guys feel. I tried to kill myself today in the girls bathroom but my friend came and stopped me. It was all too much, but she saved me and I’m glad. People can be dicks but they can also be angels. I believe in you, you’re so much more than your pain, stronger than you can imagine and brave beyond words. Anyone who’s been here is. <3 never give in and never give up, always keep fighting!


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