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To be honest lately I’ve been feeling numb but depressed as if I am sinking deeper and deeper in and ocean kind of like an anchor on a boat, but I feel like I’m depressed because my past is haunting me. I’ve been raped 3 times my dad doesn’t love me at all, and he abuses me mentally and physically it feels like he doesn’t want me in his life, and it sucks, and I’ve been feeling so alone lately and I can’t be alone because bad things would happen if I’m alone everyone is either gone going to leave or gets pushed away because they can’t handle me, and I miss my cousin so much because before she left everything felt okay but now everything is going to shit, my mom is even worried about me bro she doesn’t even bother me when I’m upset anymore unless she thinks I’m going to cut myself or hurt myself because one time I broke my hand by punching a wall venting cause I was so mad and the sad thing is that I feel like no one can help me so I’m using this dumbass venting app thing hoping that I can at least vent on here without being judged on here.

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Raped 3 times ? Have you told anyone about it ?

Tokko Digo @tokko11

You can vent to me about literally anything my friend, I won’t judge a word you say, what you’ve been through is terrible and completely not your fault


You should vent it out. Be independent. No matter of ur dad loves u or not now u have to be an independent individual. Discover self love. Try to disscuss with anyone anonymously that way you will not be judged. I am ready to listen of everything you are suffering if i may help .

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