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To anybody who is afraid of being happy.

Don’t be. Unfortunate things doesn’t come because you’re happy. It’s just that freedom comes with responsibility. If you choose to rob a store and you’re happy about it, and if you get caught by the authorities, it’s not because you were happy. It’s because you did something unlawful. That’s the same with people, right? Because people bring you the most things to pack. You need a hundred tons of responsibility for a stranger you decided to talk to that one day. And choosing to have a connection with people, is accepting that you’re involved in their now. You’re happy together and if one of you dies, the other will cry. That’s just how it is. It isn’t because you’re happy that you know bad things come your way. I don’t know if I delivered this right but I just really wanted to let somebody know. It’s… not a sin to be happy.

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Anon01 @wanderer01

Heyy thanks for this one 💚


No sometimes even if we don’t do something unlawful sadness does come after happiness. Its just a cycle of emotions.


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