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This year have been so stressful for a person like me who is going through constant anxiety. I’m a student and Online classes have been too much. Most of the times I’m feeling low and I don’t want to take classes, do assignments, give class test or even main test. I’m so fed up with this online thing all I wanna do is sleep but it’s not possible as Our schools & teachers doesn’t understand this. School is now 24 Γ— 7 there’s no freaking fixed time of school and of it’s work now. Im so done with this. I rarely concentrate on school & it’s work nowadays and I feel so guilty for that but my mental health is just :")

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I’m a student too and I totally understand your problem because I go through the same feelings. But you know, you can refresh yourself after your classes by doing things that relax you and ease your anxiety. Like for me, listening to audiobooks and cooking a scrumptious meal for myself helped me. Doing this might also help you sit through your classes the next day.
As far as your lack of concentration and motivation to do school work is concerned, a suggestion you could try would be trying to divide your work into small tasks daily in accordance with your routine, mood and ofc submission deadlines. This way the workload wouldn’t take a toll on you and your mental health and you’ll also get it done which will, in turn, remove the guilt feeling.
Lastly, as far as the school system is concerned, all us students are sailing in the boat of problems related to this new mode of online education but we can help each other out until the situation improves.


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