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This one is the second my list of worst assaults. Also, I’m 11
Before I left michigan It was a holiday. I got to see my mom but I wanted to go to my dads for chistmas because we were poor and my dad was rich. I had my siblings on my dads side there also. There were my two brothers specifically we are focused on today. These are my biological brothers by the way. That night I was faking sleep so I could spy on my brothers. You know, innocent 8 year old girl things. I listen to them talking more and i hear them talking about me. They both stand over me and I hear rustling. I felt something warm on my face and slowly enter my mouth. I was confused, but tired. When it got out of my mouth I fell asleep. I woke up with a nasty taste in my mouth but i didn’t think much of it. I walked around for the next two years not knowing what happened. Then, one of my brothers told me what happened. “Our other brother put his you know what in your mouth while you were asleep.” I started to tear up but I didn’t want to look weak so I held it back “Why didn’t you stop him?” I asked him and his reasoning was so idiotic. He told me it was because he would get in trouble. He didn’t answer my questions on how he would get in trouble. I didnt tell anyone until this year. I told my sister on my dads side. She said it happened to her also, but both of them did it. Then It all came together why his story didnt match up. So, to sum it all up, my younger brothers put their dicks in my mouth while I was sleeping. My biological ones. The fact that they are younger than me and i still let that happen shows how weak i am. I need to grow some balls. I still cry in the bathroom every time i see them. Why am i so weak? This is another memory I want to wipe out.
Stay safe
Wear a mask
Have a great day :)

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you are not weak. I’ll say that again. You are NOT weak. if anything you’re damn strong. All that you’ve survived, you are incredibly tough. Please please talk to someone about this. Talk to a therapist or your sister some more about this. Tell your parents if you can. Do they understand what assault is? Abuse? This is horrible and I am so so incredibly sorry that you’ve had to go through so much in such a short time, and by your brothers no less. A quote from this show called Supernatural says “family don’t end in blood. But it don’t start with it either.” I hope that brings you comfort. If you ever want to talk, i’ll be here for you. Stay safe and be careful. Remember, you’re a brave badass soldier. People don’t cry because they’re weak. They cry because they’ve been strong for too long. Look after yourself OK?


Oh dear…I hope ur ok
Sorry u had to go throught that…r u all right now😟?
Hope u the best and ur future is bright😉🕯…
I’ll be here to listen🙂
And u r not weak u r very strong
…I am just a stranger but maybe u should Tell a adult u really trust about this…u r still a kid u need to live happy and these feelings might get in the way…so yea I advice to tell a trustworthy adult


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