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Divya Singh @ds37512

This morning I woke up thinking, when we’re alive, so much of our time is spent on thinking about how we feel, what we do, but at the end, we’re ultimately going to die, right? Who made us? Why? What is the purpose? What’s the catch? Why do we feel? Or think? Or resent? Or believe? If life has a deeper meaning to it, how would anyone know? And if not, then does anything ever have a meaning?

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Simran @st1199

God is the one who gave us Life. He is the one who decides when we come on earth and when we leave earth. What he has left for us is to DECIDE how to live that life to the fullest.

Everyone doesn’t think about how we feel/why we feel/what is that we feel, every time but more when we are exposed to a situation. And, tbh it’s a natural thing because we are humans and we have our mind to process it. And, hence we tend to feel/think. Acceptance and denial are two things which people refer to themselves as their part of personality, according to me. If you know why did this happen/why you felt this way/know your mistakes/not always blame others for your doings etc, then you have acceptance in life and it shows a good sign. You tend to be more positive towards life. On the other hand, if you be in denial like I don’t know why this happens/it was because of someone else/I can’t say anything/I don’t want to accept even after knowing something etc, then you tend to be more negative and see life in that manner.

I hope you got answers to some of your questions. :)

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Gelo @shalloman42

I believe that by giving something meaning, it will gets it meaning. Life also works like that, in order for one to have one’s life a meaning, one must give it a meaning. By believing in fate, a predestined path, it sure does give one’s life a meaning. But, who gave it though? If a higher being has given us all paths to follow, then life would be meaningless - what is the point of living if our lives is already written in the book called fate. Now, it just feels like a prison cause is it restricting us to do something because one must follow one’s fate(s). If a higher being put us in a world with endless possibilities with no straight path, or paths that is already written, life would have a meaning cause each and one of us, has the freedom to give it a meaning and purpose. That is true freedom. With that, one could ask ‘How can I make my life meaningful’ one could answer with ‘Live your life the fullest’ but I personally believe that that answer to the question is dangerous. Cause, if one were to live life to the fullest without a single thought of affecting, or suppressing, freedom to live life then that person is nothing but an evil person and should be denied. So, one can live life to the fullest as long it does not suppress another’s freedom to live life to the fullest. And I agree with @st1199 and @snktmore well, some parts of it but overall, it all goes to the same answer - find your meaning in life.

And don’t stop thinking, stay curious!


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