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I call myself ambivert but most of the time I'm an introvert. I take time to make new friends but won't easily let go if we get along. At some point, we need someone to hear us out unconditionally Now&Me seems perfect place.
Irrespective of the language any music that connects to my heart is good for me. I no longer watch TV, occasionally watch Travel, Food and Animal channels. Amazon Prime & Youtube are my perfect binge watching source. Apparently, I learnt to cook while working in our indian restaurant. More than eating I enjoy cooking/presentation. I prefer watching horror,suspense & sci-fi movies. I rarely watch romantic movies, Definitely,Maybe &Titanic were my last favourites. Lastly,I hate boasting about myself, but I'm sarcastically funny and witty too.๐Ÿ˜‚ Would love to share meaningful ideas & conversation.

Joined: June 23, 2020