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This is for every teenage/housewife /working people etc etc.
Who neglect themselves to take care of their family members/who are obese.
But trust me the process of weight loss is not at all difficult once you start getting your results you will be addicted to it.

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Obesity sucks the life out of you. It’s not just a disease, it’s a process that makes you feel bad about yourself. Being chubby and healthy is different. Obesity makes you unable to carry on with your life in a healthy way.


true! I tried it and after a while I started neglecting unhealthy food naturally. You just gotta stay strong.


Obesity is much more than being fat, it makes one feel miserable about themselves. I hope whoever reads this understands that the weighing scale is not the only thing that defines you. It’s all about finding power within ourselves to make healthy changes in our lifestyles that make us happy.


True . We need to take the first step for a healthy lifestyle.


Yea, i agree with you. Infact people of all ages should not neglect to take care of them as well as others. Obesity , which is very common nowadays is suffered by almost all individuals. 
People sometimes lose hope to overcome the problem. But trust me, losing weight and keeping a check on our health is not as difficult as it seems to be. Perform exercises regularly and eat healthy fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. Make your health an important matter for concern.