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There’s this saying that “Time heals all wounds.” Years have past and my mental and emotional wounds still feel like they haven’t been healed, maybe it’s because i haven’t been making any progress to better them but just leaving them be and resorting to distractions in order to keep on moving forward. A lot has happened in my life and i actually don’t know how to deal with it all. I’ve been hurt a lot and have hurt a lot of people, mentally and emotionally. I feel like i’ve turned myself into an unintentional toxic person. This has been a burden on me for a long time and i just want to make things right for myself so i can be a good person to others. Thank you for listening and have a good day.

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being aware of the fact that you feel you are becoming a toxic person is the first step in your journey to becoming the person you want to be. i relate you you in some way. i unintentionally hurt people and regret it deeply afterwards. my advice to you is to not turn to distractions. face your problems and a greater result will appear. trust me. remind yourself who you want to be as a person, and who you don’t want to be. time does heal all wounds. i hope you get peace and clarity in your life.


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