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there is this guy he is my cousin i just came to living in this house with my family last year cause our family is joined family, everyone lives together and i know he like me but i dont have any feelings toward him a few days ago i came back home from school cause it was holiday and their room is near the main door so he was the one who opened the door for me , he looked like he just woke up from sleep and i felt sorry for that so when i was climbing the stairs , halfway i said sorry and he smiled and after many hours , suddenly he keeps getting in my mind and i dont like it . whenever he is around i feel weird like i am suffocating and cant breath properly and my heart ache and stomach also feels heavy . i just dont like this feeling . it was rumoured that their mother does black magic i dont believe it but i am scared now . my inner self say i am falling for him but i dont like that thought and in dont want that . what should i do ? please help me . i am scared and i want him out of my mind

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