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There are days when I feel so lost and low and I feel like I will just drown into nothing if given my brain the time to think. How can one feel so invalid and insecure? Is it my head or is it just how Im treated? How will I ever know the difference between reality and illusion? My mind has always been my biggest destruction. It has a million thoughts running around every single second my eyes are wide open, contemplating a million other feelings. If things are left unsaid, will it make living easier? Since only one has to carry the burden. Since when has sharing your feelings become so wrong, I mean, you’re technically being blamed for feeling a certain way by the person who made you feel that way. Where is the sense in that? I’m just rambling about unnecessary stuff that probably will not make sense to anybody except for me alone. See? Nobody to understand you but yourself, funny part? I don’t even understand myself, hell I don’t even know who I am anymore.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

From what I’ve read, you seem to be the kind of person that I am- an overthinker. I felt the emotions behind your rant. With a million thoughts passing through your head, understanding your own emotions becomes extremely difficult. How do I know? Been there, done that. When things get too overwhelming, what helps is knowing that it’s a phase and it shall pass. My advice to you would be to try keeping yourself occupied with physically engaging activities. This will make sure your mind doesn’t stick to these thoughts and wanders into a positive direction. Do things that you like more, break free from your mundane routine. And the way you just shared, do it often. It really really helps. I hope you find a way to break free from this. Good luck and lots of love❤️


I’ll be sure to follow that. :) Thank you, lots of love back! <3


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