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The lonely nights can be hard sometimes, i know i deserve someone better but that 4 years meant something to me i can’t just forget about him like it was nothing💔

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yo i feel you. Ive been in a relationship for 3 years and i tried ending things. my heart couldn’t take it because those 3 years were everything and memories i just couldn’t throw away. So we got back together. can you explain more about the guy? what was he like?


It will get better with time. That yearning for a person to fill your void means a great deal for sure. But to make sure that you’re not stuck with the wrong person again, you have to be very patient


I know it’s hard, it’s like the other person is always on your mind. Trust me it gets better. You need not forget him but you can make peace with not having around, you can go out there and do wonders with your life and find an amazing patner who will cherish you. Remember the lesson and move ahead with confidence.