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im @emofarts4life

sup dudes Im goingg to 7th grade soon and I feel like Im gonna mess it up. I isolated myself from everyone I know outside of my house in every social media. Anyways Im here to tell people how crappy and sensitive I am. I get mad easily asf bro especially at my sixth grade teacher when I think of what she always did. Like shut the fuck up old ass bitch I don’t need to learn about when the revolution of toilets started I am sure as hell not learning every day bro give me space that’s not even the worst part but also my dumb ass β€œfriends” in school are so disgusting one of them sent me a video of a dude masturbating like bro you’re 11. I’m gonna post my darkest secrets right now. I think Im doing this cause my period just started 2 hours ago

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