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Staying in just a room.
A life of 22 year old lonely guy waiting to die in a room.

This how a days goes.

Wake @7:30am then work till 6pm and then wait for to sleep so i can wake next day.
This is a vicious cycle it started killing me inside.
I have everything family, friends, job. and living prefect live. Still i am always felt lonely or afraid of i am useless.

It difficult to express sometimes What you feeling but hard to express and this what i am going. I want to

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Risha @overthinkermax

Hey. I can totally understand how you’re feeling. I am living the same life. 22 years old, have the perfect life according to the outside world, but they don’t know how it feels right

Risha @overthinkermax

Lemme know if you wanna talk


Sure, idk how

Risha @overthinkermax

Yeah even idk. I’m new to this!


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