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Sometimes what we show on outside
Is not the way we feel,
The thought of Friendships Day
Reminds me of all the broken friendships…
N it makes me feel so low.
Maybe its me who is at fault
Or not able to nurture friendships…
Though I pretend
It pinches …
Maybe I have failed as a friend always…
Or Maybe I just cannot be a good friend…
Too drained chasing people…
But then being lone also pricks…
I wonder
Are pure friendships only found in world of fiction ???

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Angelina @angelinahupe

It’s no one’s fault it’s just how it’s works people Change by the time and sometimes that changing is not acceptable for alot of us the person I thought will stay with me till the end left me the person I shared alot of good times left me like all the good memories that we had vanished this is how it’s work people are selfish they really don’t care about your feeling they pretend to be your friend for their own goods and later when they feel they are done they left you and put all the blame at you like everything happened because of you it’s sad but it’s true people will come and go we will see alot of people like this but don’t feel sad about it be your own friend give company to yourself love yourself and that’s it forget all those selfish people from the past


Yup so true…
Thank u for ur time n an uplifting response.
Take care.God bless.


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