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Lia @leelia

sometimes out of nowhere I start to feel anxious and really sad and depress for no reason, it happens really abruptly tho, like I could be totally fine but that feeling suddenly kicks in and it doesn’t progress, my mood just changes from one extreme to the other in seconds. I feel empty and desperate I can’t breathe and i feel like i need to do something like cry, scream break something or just anything. It truly feels depressing everything suddenly feels so tragic but it’s a feeling that recently I’ve been getting and idk why and it’s not bc of anything specific anymore, like i was today watching a yt video i was chilling i was distracted not thinking of anything and suddenly this feeling started and i didn’t have a reason at the time like nothing was in my mind right when nit started so i don’t know why it happens, anyone?

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I feel like that too sometimes.


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