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Sometimes I get a feeling that I can’t be loved I don’t know why because I think nobody will accept my flaws or take me as who I am


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Well buddyyyyyy hey listen, if the person is not ready to accept you with your flaws then surely you should not be loved by that person!! You are amazing the way you are with all your flaws and everything!! 😊Infact flaws are like USPs of people hehe. Just wait for that one person in your life who can find out your USP. When you will meet someone who will love you the way your are, you will Love your flaws!! But for that you need to stop considering them as flaws anyway and also Take my words even if it is anything else everyone in this world deserves to be loved so do u and be happy!!😁 Anddd yeaaahhh SMILE PLEASE !!! Heyyyyyy that was a good click😀😀


That’s not true. I’m sure they’ll be someone out there! We all are flawed and we all have one person for us. ( Can be more too)


Hey, I can understand how it feels to live this way. Faced similar things when I was in school. However, I am out of it now. And it is because I accepted myself. And I want you to accept yourself. Trust me, once you do that, things will change. You will not look at yourself as flawed. It will be great!

Also, I am building a peer support community on discord where I want to make it easy for people to connect with peers directly that can understand their pain and are willing to support them. I have found it tough to find someone to talk to, that can understand me, and if you too have faced something similar, I’d love for you to be a part of the community. https://discord.gg/z3njqA2mZX