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so where do I start, I feel like a am a disappointment. I know I can never be as perfect as my sister, but I feel like I will disappoint her and my parents. I had an A in math, my only A that dropped to a B and now a C because I got a 2 on a quiz. I am disappointed in myself. And I believe I have a C in bio too. To finish it off a D or F in CompLit because I suck at writing essays. I wonder if they will get mad at me and say im not trying, I always tell them I have trouble with work but my mom doesn’t believe me because when my sister reads the instructions she says it’s easy. So they just call me lazy, school just started and I am already having trouble, I’m just an idiot.

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How old are you kid ? Work hard …

You’ve got whole life ahead of you. I WILL GIVE UP MY RIGHT ARM RIGHT NOW TO BE YOUR AGE. Perspective kiddo … Work hard

J @blue_jj


You aren’t dumb. You become what you tell yourself. Maybe someone gets the first time they read. You might have to give it a read multiple times. Then do it. You just need to work harder to shut people looking down on you. They work 2 hrs u put in 4 hrs. Nothing is going to come easy in life. And start exploring things see what ur good at. It’s normal to feel inferior but don’t compare yourself to anyone and lower your confidence. You do you.

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