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So today, I woke up with the wrong side. I feel sick. Yesterday I had a problem with my mom, and that like, filled the cup. But, for some reason, it hurt like a second and I cried like 1 tear and then felt nothing. Lately I have trouble, not to express my emotions, I have trouble feeling them. Don’t know what’s happening, do you?

I’ve cried for years, but now, I just can’t. It’s like I’m really sad, and then I don’t feel anything. I’m worried. I need someone to help me with these please!

Also, I may be moving and start a new life. I’m making a decision to dye my hair. Only the borders? Is that how it’s called the last part? I’d like it gray platinium. But, what color do you think is the best? I have brown hair.

Like 17 days ago, my dog had 6 puppies. Now they can walk and bark. They’re driving me crazy.

Also, I was seeing some posts. I’m so sorry for the one’s that are married and can’t say no! So sorry!

And, I wanted to tell something too. I’m getting tired of faking smiles and laughs, it’s driving me crazy.

I have to say too, I’m doubting about my sexuality. I don’t know if I’m really lesbian or bisexual. It’s like, I like girls, but I’m not sure if I have some feeling for some boys, don’t know what to do.

And, for last, for the people that are sad, this is a song that brings me up.
“Sugar Cr@sh”
Search it on YouTube, it really brings me up. Even if it has a little sad letter, it’s like the rhythm.


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Okay sugarcrash is an amazing song… ummm i really wanted to tell u that…
Idk dye ur hair in whatever colour u are comfortable in… i love gray platinum… gives off gojo satoro vibes (anime reference) u might look into red… ( i forgot the colour bergendy(?) Idk)
Yeah u dont always need to laugh or smile… u’ll become numb like this… its probably the reason u are having a hard time expressing ur emotions
Woah the dog situation must be hectic… i hope they dont drive to seriously mad…
I have no idea what the first few lines mean sooo no comments

Ps: everything will be finee

Thank you for your opinion. I was considering red too. (Hair dye)
And the first lines… It makes more sense in Spanish. (I have some trouble with my English ;-;)


Oh righttt… sorry i forgot u mentioned that in ur first post… ehe… its fine… i asked my parents if they’ll let me go full white( hair) 😂😂 they were like… why do u want to grow old so fast… i mean i love the white hair thing… especially after watching tokyo ghoul… (using these references cause i think u’ll understand 😅)

Um, I’m not good at English, and it’s hard to understand, so I had to use the translate thing. So, thank you for your opinion 😂


You need someone with whome you can talk and he can hug you tight when you’re down.