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So this privat number keeps calling me and my husband thinks it’s my toxic ex, I am not sure… I picked it up and the person was saying Nothing and so I just played it cool cause if it’s him i dont want him to know my life situation… Like I dont want him to know if I am still married or not… Because he didn’t want me, He hurt me and I had Stockholm syndrom and I had to heal from it… Being able to reclaim my life i dont want him to be updated like he has been before… So my husband is upset that i am picking it up while it could potentialy be my ex and I get that but I feel like I need to show to my self i can pick up and be cool and let him wonder where i am in my life and let him hear how happy i am and how he is not wanted anymore… I don’t want my husband to feel unsafe but I have a Hard time not picking up…

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I dont want to offend you. But i probably will. On One hand if you say that you have moved on and dont care about your ex. And i beleive you. seems like he has been out of your life for a while. Then why do you wanna give him even this little importance in your life. Even without knowing if its really him, he has become such a huge deal right now. You dont have to. He is insignificant in your life. I’d suggest when you pick up that call and if its him, just block him. Be done with him. He doesn’t deserve any space in your life.


Proving and showing your ex how happy you are right now in your life is totally stupid.
And that still means you are giving him importance, even if its a little. Why do you want to lift the call? Udk who it is, yet you conclude that it might be your ex. Thats how strong you believe about it and i don’t think you are over him. Cause this might not be the situation if you are.
Right now, the person you should be giving importance is your husband. And if you love him, and if doesnt want you to pick up the damn call, then dont. You tryna prove some jackshit to your ex is pushing away your husband who you need to keep safe. Stop doing this. And block him.
Decide first. You said you didn’t want him to be updated. And in the end you say, you wanna show him how happy you are in life?
Play cool?
You are hurting your husband and you wanna play cool?
Now you are also a toxic one to your husband. The person you gotta be proving and showing is your husband. We get it. You are capable of lifting the damn call but it’s affecting him. So what do you choose? Lifting the call or keeping your husband secure?
Fix it before it’s too late.
And i had to call you out on your shit.


So this was very harshly put but much needed… I get easily caught up in past bullshit… Thank you 💁🏽‍♀️


Yep. I told you i had to call out on your shit.
Look, I didnt mean to hurt you but i had to state the facts for you to see things clearly.
Never let the past affect where you are now.
Cause whats the point in being here then?
Take care.


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