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One Sided LoveThought

Kethan @kethan_shri

So there’s this girl in my life who I have feelings for. I guess she too knows that I have feelings for her. But the problem is that I am just too nervous to talk to her, like I just over think a lot about what will she think if I start a conversation with her and even worse I start to over think what other people around her will think too. Even when I try to talk to her, she doesn’t seem to talk to me in the same way she talks to others. And this has been happening for like the past 5 months. Like the thing that I go to college and see her everyday but not able to talk and spend time with her literally puts me into severe depression. Like she a nice and kind girl and I genuinely like her and don’t want to loose her at any cost. Whenever I tell these to my friends they just tell me that “Brooo u just like her for her looks,she wont even like you, just leave her”, this puts me into a self doubt trap like I start doubting myself whether what I fell is the truth or what others say is true, eventually I just succumb to their opinions and start to put all the blame on myself and treat their opinions as reality even when I know that whatever they say isn’t the reality at all. The thing that these words come from friends who I once trusted makes it even worse and I eventually end up crying and hating myself, so I just stopped talking with all of them because they just don’t understand what I feel and say. Whenever I think of a situation where me and her never get together, I get really really scared and anxious even thinking about that and start to cry and get panic attacks. So lately I have no one to tell what I am going through and what I feel, I am feeling really lonely, hopeless and helpless, I just don’t like myself anymore, I am thinking of ending my life. Well I think my writing skills are really bad lol, so I couldn’t really put all my feelings into words, this is the best I could do. And sorry if you find this really long lol

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Yash Kumar @yash_singh_21

Bro it’s too much complicated and i know that
But the thing is that if you like a girl who is a friend of your and you are not telling her because you are scared that you will lose her friendship too then you need to tell yourself that you are not her friend anymore when you started liking her
That friendship at least from your side ended at that moment
So don’t hold back yourself cause you have nothing to lose ✌🙃✨

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Yash Kumar @yash_singh_21

And the thing about hating yourself I’ll just say that person isn’t wrong everywhere the situations are wrong
So just to let you know your only fault was you didn’t listen to your heart and you let others views over your feelings

Kethan @kethan_shri

Well whenever I listen to my heart, I feel like I am doing the wrong thing always. Whenever someone gives their opinions, my brain immediately jumps into a conclusion “oh maybe whatever they say is true, maybe I am the actual problem”, eventually putting all the blame on myself. Lately I have been getting a lot of suicidal thoughts, I am just scared that I might do something to myself

babypink @babypink

Same situation is with me but i mortivate myself call her and confess my love for her. She rejects me and i love her one sided for about 10 years, I got clear in one thing that you can forgot anyone doesn’t matter your feelings for her and how long you like her, it takes a time of 2 to 3 monts but later everything will be fine, just confess and leave the decision to her, bhai asal jindagi me Kabir singh nahi hote, life bohut acchi hai, harr ek ko mauka do(khud ko bhi)


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