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So there is this guy, we are REALLY good for and lately I find him very attractive like he is cut and has a great personality, we are complete opposites of each other. I have had past experiences where I would find a guy attractive and then I would end up catching feelings, it never ended well. I just don’t wanna go through this again but I don’t know what to do, like I know we both prolly won’t even work out but I just don’t know how to change the way I feel.

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eshika Goyal @bitch

This is just so relatable!! It hurts soo much when we are the only one who has feelings. So if you know you’re not compatible, just confess yes ik you’ll feel horrible but dude don’t spend too much time waiting because that will hurt you more so just confess and try to move on


Why do you feel you wont work out though ?

debie @shawtyyy

I don’t really know like, he is the type of person who doesn’t even think of dating a lot and like SUPER chill in general and like I myself reallly just don know why we wouldn’t work out


A word of advice, dont self reject. Never do it again. Also tell him confidently what you feel.

debie @shawtyyy

Thank you for the advice :)


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