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So my parents raised me in a way that my mindset totally differs from other girls. In asia girls used to grew up with an idea that they’re only a tool to provide for others they’ve no right to do something for themselves. One thought that is injected to their mind from their family from the day they open their eyes is “you’re stranger to us a girl is someone’s else’s tool”.
“Don’t educate her at the end they only become someone’s wife, mother teach her cooking, home chores”
I am extremely sad for the mindset that they’re living and yeah my family they had the same mindset currently i am facing a big problem standing at the road with 2 ways  undecided, unknown about the consequences. my family they’re forcing me to get married even my sisters who are living in this modern society but with old and rust mindset. They’re blackmailing me emotionally use sentence like “get married or you will get old in the corner of the house”. “accept this proposal he have many options there are many beautiful girls who you think you are”.
I am alone everyday i wake up seeing my world shattered in front of me but unable to do something my hands are tied up.
So after rejecting many proposals my family fixed my engagement without asking my opinion. It really hurts.
I can’t change their mindset
End of my story (my life)
Ugh i can’t tolerate this anymore i have no one everyone left me my family is forcing me yh they always talk about my marriage ohhhh gosh i am fuckin dying

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You have to make difficult decisions for your happiness sometimes…even if that might mean leaving your family behind. Go elsewhere, however safely you can. It sounds like a tough situation, having to be wed without your say-so. That should never be the case. I hope that you find the strength to get yourself out of that.


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