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So lockdown has been pretty hard on all of us and I pray to god everyday to help people in this and also doing my bit for the community .

In this time my ex , who fucked my mental health pretty bad , it was barely an relationship but I was completely in love with her , and she threw me out jaise we throw out ants from our sugar .she dated 3 4 guys and the last guy she dated was a married man who was just taking advantage of her . During that time she started talking with me and I wanted to tell her that she is getting played and the married guy is only using her (we both have lot of common friends and we are all in small company so small world ) but I thought it’s better if I stop talking all together and that’s what I did .j switched company and now in a better place both mentally and financially still single and though .We broke up in 2017 and later in 2019 she texts me again saying sorry for all the things she did to me and apologizing for that. Ever since then we talk for a while , take a long pause then again for a while then a big gap . Now agin in 2021 Jan , one night she texts me saying she is sorry and wanted to apologize for all she did .so we talked again .The married guy used her and then broke up with her and she has been played bad she said. We are talking but not like close friends or something . It’s more of meme sharing on insta .
The problem is I still like her , taking to her for me is easy , I feel comfortable ,I am super attracted to her , maybe I still love her a bit but I DO NOT TRUST HER , NOT EVEN 0.001% . This pandemic and struggle to get ahead in life has made me lonely and distant from people but I feel good when I talk to her . I do not know whether I should continue or stop talking to her .
Any advice on this ??


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Well dude it can relate to you on this … You just like her so you a bit confused … But you don’t trust her … Their is no point of talking to her if your mental health is getting fucked up … Just ask yourself is this worth


Okay captain America 🤣🤣🤣


I can relate too but not as much as you’ve gone through. I really liked my first crush a lot. She was really good. I felt in love with her but she wasn’t ready for a relationship so i was broken i thought i wont find anyone better than her. But after few years i did. I found someone. Liked her a lot too , but had the same issue , she wasnt interested in a relationship. So lost hopes there too. And now again I’m going through that phase.

So what I’m trying to say is you can let go of her. For sure it will be painful for initial few months but as you’ve haven’t been much talking to her then i guess you won’t feel much of not talking to her.
You’ll find someone else who can connect more. These things will go on but for that you can’t compromise on your peace.