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So I’ve always known I like all genders, however not the same way, therefore making me bi.
Recently, or maybe not recently… I’m not sure how long it’s been going through my mind
This is going to be confusing so I’m just going to say everything all together:
I don’t like dicks, or vaginas, yet I’m definitely not asexual.
At the same time, sometimes I want a dick, sometimes I want a vagina.
To clear up, I’m a cis female…or am I?
I really don’t think I want to go through gender reconstruction surgery, but I’m also pretty sure I want to be a guy, although I’m not sure if that’s actually what I want to be.
I think I’d prefer to go nonbinary, but can I have He/Him pronouns with that?
I know I lean naturally masculine, however I do enjoy femininity quite a bit as well, and I think I’d be a lot more comfortable displaying my feminine side if I identified as a man. Actually, that may be reversed, I think my feminine side might come out more as a consequence if I feel less pressured to act non masculinely as a woman because I’d be more comfortable with myself as a person.
Am I trying to make it harder on myself, or do I have desires that can only be realized in an idealistic society that has no restrictions or limitations for gender and sexuality?
I don’t know, but
Can I have He/Him pronouns as a nonbinary person is really what I want to know. Honestly, somedays I might want to be called She/Her as well though…Would that be gender fluid then?
Yes I realize I probably could’ve just searched that up, but writing this out has helped me sort out my feelings in a way I didn’t think it would.
Also if anyone has any advice for a baby gay it’d be appreciated because I’m getting anxiety from just thinking about dressing how I want… :)

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Be yourself, honestly. And to answer your question, yes wanting to use different pronouns on different days usually identifies a person as gender fluid. By using He/him pronouns you would be asking people to consider you as a male. Even if you were to decide to undergo gender reconstruction surgery, you still have every right to embrace your feminine side. Guys have a feminine side just like girls do, and vice versa for masculinity. And about your sexual preferences: It’s okay to not want something at a certain time. Whenever you are horny is when you’ll decide which genital/genitalia you are in the mood for. And that’s okay- you don’t have to make up your mind. And if you wanted to be gender fluid, you could also decide when you feel non-binary.


Yeah I guess I’ll just do whatever I feel like. Thanks for this stranger

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Np, anytime.


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