So I’m usually a positive happy kinda person. Atm I’m having super bad luck and it’s shitty. What’s funny is that my happy personality is conflicting with my shitty circumstances. I’m usually the therapist so I like to over analyse and give reasoning. For anyone so confused and just lost like I am, here’s the tea. Nothing in life is that deep, over thinking is great you see different sides but also crap because it’s mentally draining. Try not to be so hard on yourself and things will work out.

My advise for myself is stop being so upset it’s not that bad. Life is full of surprises and I should really take each day as it comes and stop preparing for the worst. There’s things to look forward to and I should focus on that.

I hope this helps myself and you all ✨

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Abhi @uranophile

The positive sparks ⚡️, Hope you soon overcome your problems!

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