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So I’m the only child in the family and my dad passed away 2 yr ago. Been daddy’s little girl all my life, and now all of a sudden my only pillar of support is no more. Now my mom is sick and has to undergo a surgery. She has suffered a lot being a cancer survivor. Its really tough to do everything alone. I really need a shoulder to lean on

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

We are here for you!


I really hope it all works out. I know we can’t be there for you at your place, but i hope you get all the strength and love you need❤️

Sansthita @sansthita

I love that you are still standing strong. You are a tigress!!! Love ya!

A @priyan

Your are strong and bold.First of all hats off to you…We are there for you it’s not just words

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