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So im in a group of friends and i feel like i dont belong because they are all pretty and they already have suitor and boyfriends. Im shy to them because when they talked about their boyfriends/ suitors they all have something to say while me im just listening and wondered why does some boys likes a pretty face? And eversince grade school, i dont have confidence and everytime im confident about something somebody why just ruin it and it makes me doubt myself. Thats why i dont post any picture of me in ig or i just post it privately that only me can see it. And I dont open up to my friends or family. I want to have someone to talk to and rant all of my problems. Thats my thoughts for today. Thank you for reading it🙃

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because those boys are stupid… and every boy aren’t like them there are some who likes you because of yourself or want makes you not from your face or skin colour. I have all my ears to listen to your problems whenever you want to share it… don’t worry you will find friends where you belong… i should be saying thank for writing because some it’s not that easy to write… so thank you again and have a good day, enjoy it find positive thing in every aspect… sure then you will be a change person … a Confident person.


I can only imagine how difficult that must feel like, and how lonely that can get sometimes. I feel that it’s worth remembering though, that friends who genuinely care about you should never make you feel bad about your achievements and accomplishments. It’s important to remember that you’re entitled to your feelings, and that includes both the good and the bad. So if you’re proud or confident of something, then no one should ever be able to take that away from you. You have the right to be confident and proud of your accomplishments. I think we need to remind ourselves that only we know how we feel, we’re the only ones who have been through everything we have, and even is someone went through a similar path, they will never understand your feelings.


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