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So i was thinking about my friends now and how i lost them in the process of making myself stable. My eyes were full of tears i don’t know if i was missing them or i was missing myself from that time it’s been almost 7 years when i was in 10th. Do i miss them or the feeling i had when i was with them. I am confused and don’t know if i should contact them and if they would forgive me.

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There is nothing like… Forgive or something.
Every phase of life have their own happiness, emotions.
They are ur school frnds… Thn you have ur clg frnds thn professional frnds.
You have enjoyed… And a given a part of ur self at every phase.
Everyone feels the same… Sometimes we remind a scene of class… And start thinking of it. We get so deep… Thn it’s like… Abhi kl he to tha… Kuch din phle ki he baat.
But afsos aisa hota nhi h.
Aurr jo bhi jyada emotional h… Unke sath must h.
Miss kr rhe ho thn call kro… Msg kro kro.
Aur unhe bhi batao… Apni school story


Thank you ❤️




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