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So, I met this girl online and she is a victim of sexual abuse from a family member and sometimes when she sees the picture of her abuser or sometimes she gets these thoughts, she starts panicking and stuff.
How do you help someone like that when they panic or get stressed?

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Oh… i just don’t think it’ll be a good idea to talk about it. Since you’re her friend, talk to her about something to distract and try to help her escape the situation. I don’t know her age but distraction is a way to prevent further damage I suppose.


She’s 19. One day, she just messaged me telling she happened to see her abuser’s pic and she started panicking and stuff. She didn’t know what to do so had messaged me. I did all I could to distract her but what would be the best thing to do?


Also, she’s better now as it happened in her childhood but it was a sudden trigger that made her panic.


Oh, as far as I know, we shouldn’t try to make her ‘brave’ by provoking because it’ll get worse but other than that I suppose you being a good friend is awesome.

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