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So I have been with a guy for almost 3 years, we were friends and I started having feelings for him. He knew that and he started asking that why I get jealous when he talks to other girls, he didn’t stop asking until I told him I like him. He just wanted a casual relationship but I wanted serious. After two months of fighting on this I said okay so at least I can be with him. It’s been going on for more than 2 years, if I ask to be his girlfriend he doesn’t give me any proper answer . In the world’s eyes I’m still his friend, he talks to several other girls and when I get mad when he talks to someone, people around me and even my friends make fun of me. They all think that I am crazy and that it’s just one sided they don’t know the whole story behind it and I feel very stupid cus I can’t even share with anyone that there’s a thing going on between us. Just few days ago we had a fight cus of a girl and he started saying that I am nobody to tell him anything. If we fight, I am the only one who runs behind him and he never does. We only meet for being physical otherwise we don’t, we’ll just go out with friends, he has never taken me out. I want to move from a long time but he starts doing cute things when I say I don’t want it anymore but after a week again the same stuff happens talking to girls, hiding stuff, constantly messaging other girls, being friends with people who like him, messaging me just for being physical otherwise no messages or no calls. He doesn’t ask me anything about my life. Idk it’s very stressful

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Its clear he wants to be with you only for being physical with you . He doesnt care about you. Its time you leave him for good

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suraj kumar @008sr

Hey! See its very clear he’s just fulfilling his physical needs with you. He contacts you only when he need that thing. I know you’ve feelings for him but that doesn’t mean you’re a slave or you’ll do whatever he’ll say. It’s your life and its your f@@king choice. No one will judge you . But here you’ve to stand for yourself for your self respect. Just move out from that relationship or friendship. Its not healthy. Start a new life and live it yaar . Stop such meetings now.
It hurts I know if someone don’t respect your feelings but you can’t ruin your moments. This life is already very short don’t know what will happen tomorrow so why to waste even a single second for that who is just using you.
Finally its your call now my friend.
Be strong and move on…


It’s very obvious that he’s using you. I know u like him very much but being with him as friends or in a relationship is just pure toxic for you! You deserve so much better and not just some jerk who’s only fulfilling his physical needs with you.
It would be tough but trust me once that toxicity leaves, you will find someone better who would appreciate ur efforts and listen to you as well as talk to u about ur life.
Sometimes in life we think we can’t live if that certain person isn’t there but if we try and move past it. There’s someone more special waiting just for you :)


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