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So, I have a question for everyone, even if you’re not an expert please feel free to give me your opinion:
can i have avoidant personality disorder even if i just have some specific syntoms or is just social anxiety?
I have issues talking to my closest people and i’m always hiding my emotions. I have a lot of fear to their rejection and cry a lot for the tiniest of critics even if they’re constructive. But personally internally i don’t feel worse than anyone i feel good with myself i’m just afraid that people will abandon me.

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Honestly, I do not think you have a disorder. I am not a clinician or a psychologist.

My opinion is that because of the fear of abandonment you are acting that way. it is just that you need to start giving people chances and realise that not everyone will abandon you and that good people will be out there to support you. You need to start trusting people.

I would still recommend consulting a professional if you are looking for a diagnosis.


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