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So, I have a question for everyone, even if you’re not an expert please feel free to give me your opinion:
can i have avoidant personality disorder even if i just have some specific syntoms or is just social anxiety?
I have issues talking to my closest people and i’m always hiding my emotions. I have a lot of fear to their rejection and cry a lot for the tiniest of critics even if they’re constructive. But personally internally i don’t feel worse than anyone i feel good with myself i’m just afraid that people will abandon me.

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Fatema @fatemasaify


It can be easier nowadays to tag yourself with a mental health condition as there is so much information about it on the internet. I would suggest not to fall in this pit by reading online about the symptoms.

As for your question, I don’t think you have avoidant personality disorder. In order to assess your emotions properly, I would recommend doing this activity with the following steps:
1. Choose a recent situation that you think is causing you fear of rejection. In this way you will get an opportunity to clear your head about others issues that you might be facing.

2. Next, draw a figure where you write about the thought that comes up in your mind when you think about the situation. Be as quick as possible, don’t give too much thought to it!

3. Try to differentiate between ‘physiological symptoms’ (for example, do you experience sweat, trembling?, etc), ‘emotions’ (for example, do you feel happy, sad, scared, anxious?) and ‘behaviour’ (what do you do in that situation (for example, ignore meeting that person)?.

Hope this helps!

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hello, thanks, it helped, i’ll try out your advice.
I know the best thing to do would be going to an specialist, i’m really sure i have social anxiety, or at least i had it when i was a kid and i’ve almost overcome it, though obviously i have a long road in front of me.


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