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Tasheena @tasheena

So during my summer alot of stuff has happened. I hurt my parents by lying and decieving them, i kept soo much stuff hidden. When they found out they were not happy. My dad had called me a disgrace and a failure. I truly believed his words. I was so upset and angry i thought taking my life would be the best solution because without me there there would be no more pain for my family. I made an attempt and then things went down hill from there. Although i don’t have suicidal thoughts anymore i still feel really bad and broken over it. Its like i cant forgive myself for what i did. And right now i feel really sad and upset. It just never seems to go away. I am 16 and sometimes i hope that this would be my last year to live.

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Trisman. @trisman

look. i feel the same in many ways, just don’t do anything stupid dude. if you ever need theirs a lot of people that you dont know probably care. that’s why this website was made to show that people are there for each other. so if you ever need to talk 1on1 lemme know. Regards Tris. Feel better

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Simran @st1199

We all have done things which we regret afterwards but what matters more than this is that we have learned something about it rather than feeling proud. This thing makes us a bigger person. Yes, parents do feel bad because we are their child so it’s obvious. But they too understand and don’t show it infront of us.

You can feel bad for what you did and not want now but sitting and thinking about the past again and again will make you no good. Yes you can say that I’ll never do this again but don’t punish yourself for what you did and learn from what you realized.


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