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So a crazy thing happened. I watched a web series called Pushpavalli on Amazon prime. Ever since I am disturbed very much. You will think of me as crazy but I got kinda scared from it. Like I found it relatable in some ways- I am overweight, alone, friendless like her…but I never was idiot enough to stalk somebody… like I became afraid of it very much as I in my whole life never want to haunt, stalk or be a burden for someone… the web series’s theme maybe something else but I am more haunted by character… I am not judging or doing anything but ever since I finished that- I am disturbed… I am constantly seeing myself in that character and that is eating my self-confidence and making me fear from myself… I am comparing me to her… I know I am talking like crazy but I am feeling this… it is like when a dark side of a character is opened in front of you and u relate to it somewhat… I am thinking if I am such a person to my numbered friends and if because of that only so many people leave me?

I don’t know. But I am afraid of me that is for sure… I now realise that I should never go to areas like friendship or love or relationships… I will be away from them as I don’t want to end up like that… I will work hard… I will get a good job, a good home, a cat and a dog and that’s it… I really don’t want to be a flawed person who lies and manipulates others… I know I am sounding completely nuts but really I am constantly thinking about this… For the first time in my life, a web series made me fear myself as it is relatable and I never want my dark side to dominate me so much and make me so much vulnerable…I just don’t know why did I write this or what am I saying…have I gone mad??


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No pal ,you haven’t gone mad.You just need to step back to reality. The gravity of the shows nowadays is so deep and down to reality that we relate with it somehow.Thats the power of a good series
Let me tell you sweetheart,none of it is real.You need not be scared.
If you are scared,sleep with your mum or someone you are closed to.Love yourself
Love ya