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Situation: Actually both of my parents my mom and dad are alcohol addicted due to that many Dispute or fight happens all the time. Also I am in my 2nd year of college. I want to study in a well environment but the fights and disputes happening inside my family inside my house is giving me mental Pressure, depression, anxiety, lose of appetite, Anger issues. Actually I’m a very observant person from my childhood. So one thing I can definitely say that all these things that are having or happening inside my family is due to their alcohol addictiveness. Because of that I have developed a serious hatred Towards alcohol and people who are suffering from alcohol addictiveness. Which includes both my parents. I even tried to talk calmly with my parents to convince them that alcohol is it good for their health but then also they wouldn’t listen to me they will always shout at me even though I have not done anything wrong I have just told them to not take alcohol. My father he even fell in front of our house due to him being so drunk from alcohol that led him having blood clotting in his mind or brain but successfully it was removed through a brain surgery. Even though my dad stubbornly drinks till today even my mom drinks. My father is a diabetic person who suffers from hypertension, sugar, blood pressure. I know his drinking habit is due to him being an ex-airforce servicemen. Whatever I do to convince them they won’t listen to me they will say we will die but we will never leave alcohol that is our way of living. My mom is a house maker she started drinking in the influence of my dad even she doesn’t want to improve their lifestyle. It’s like they have totally forgotten that even I, a living person who is their daughter, is living with them in the same house who is having mental and health issues due to their Stubborn alcohol addiction. Due to this I find it hard to even eat when I’m hungry. It’s like I am hungry there is food for front of me I can eat it but psychologically I can’t it’s like I can’t even lift my spoon up in front of my mouth. Due to that I lost my weight my immunity also got worst that led to having weak immunity and I started having headaches in odd times something more like migraine headaches. My parents told me to be self sufficient & self independent but how can I be self independent when they are the ones who are pulling me back not letting me move forward. Due to their alcohol addiction many melodramas or dramas were created by them In many gatherings or parties in past which led to our image or reputation being bad.

Conclusion: First I want to know how I can ta. Second, I really want someone’s suggestion who can help me in this situation and at least tell the ways to convince my mother so she can take the first step towards a alcohol addiction free life after that she and I both will help my father to live a alcohol free life.

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I suggest you take your health & your education on top priority and try not to worry about your parents (I know it’s difficult)
But you must also understand that unless you have a sound body and a sound mind, everything you do to bring your parents out of alcohol will most likely backfire.
Also, try to find some rehabilitation camps and seek their guidance.
I’ll be happy to help for any more queries


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