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Avni @avni

Since feeling a bit good the past couple days, im suddenly going through one of the worst days i have had in awhile and it is at these times that i want to question the universe - why? just why? i was doing somewhat better and now i am back 3 steps. But it is in these times that i realise that i deserve the kindness i give to others and looks like binge watching series it is. I hope people realise healing is really a process that makes you go over and over but every time you go through the process. For example, this is the first time i realised i am going to have these moments again and so instead of feeling angry or incompetent i have to give myself a break and just rest for the day.

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i hope you are doing well
we all have good days and bad days both and bad days make us value our good days and it’s okay to feel different emotions and ofc you deserve kindness, we all do and i am really proud of you that you shared this here
thank you so much
take care <3


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