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NEVER and I say NEVER go to sleep in a bad mood or a bad feeling.

Whatever it is. No matter how hard the day was. No matter what happened during the day.

When you go to bed you leave everything be.

Be thankful and think about how great the next day will be.

Sleep is the time when your conscious meets your subconscious. Sleep is the time when your deepest desires start to manifest.

And if you go to this ritual in a bad mood. Your next day will be bad as well.

If you want try it for yourself when you go to the bed today curse everything and everyone. See how your days goes tomorrow.

And then tomorrow be thankful and imagine how wonderful your next day will be. You will see the difference yourself.

If you have already noticed this let me know in the comments.

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Natalie_UK🏳️‍⚧... @cant

What do I do instead of sleeping?


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