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Recently things have taken a downfall in my life. Few months back everything was great. Caree, relationship, family everything. All of a sudden everything has turned around. Most of all I am stressed about my relationship. We fight a lot latelty. Whenever he wants to go out and hangout with his friends, I freak out and we start fighting. I can’t stand the thought of him hanging out with his girl - friends. I know there is nothing to be scared of, they are just his friends. But I have this feeling of insecurity in me which I am unable to fight. I feel so helpless in this. I don’t want to lose him.
But it’s a lot to take when so much on is going on at once.
How can I be normal with the fact that he will have other female friends in his life?

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Trust is the most crucial factor in a relationship. And it’s understandable that you have insecurities. But to spend an entire life together, you need to have a better understanding of each other becz he will always have girls friends. Which is why I think it’s important to improve trust factor in your relationship.


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