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Recently, i came to know one thing that no matter how hard you try there are some things that aren’t meant for you. There was a friend in my college whom I consider as my best friend. She used to share all her problems and good things with me. But as time passes i see a lot of change in her. She now used to call me only when she wants something or if there was any project, assignment or presentations. I was like she is just using me for her own benefit. I tried to confront her about after a long time. Then she was like “Why are you being so judgemental?”
It was at this moment i realised that again the same thing just like in my school days. People blame me in the end for not being a good friend.
I just don’t know what to do now, even after giving my full efforts in maintaining my friendship but still i am afraid if same thing happened again 😔😔
I hope this thing never happened to anyone because it truly hurts when after doing all good things you only got nothing. 😔
Thank you

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It is what it is. Not every friendship/relationship is meant to exist longer than its age. Everything expires after some time. It’s very rare that other person gives the same level of effort and have same sense of understanding to any relation.
In some cases, people fake you that they are your friend and they care for you but in reality, they are just taking your advantage and nothing else. And the interesting part is you are well aware of this but not ready to accept it because you are so alone.
Sooner or later one has to accept this pain.


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