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Random 2am thoughts !
Number 1 in the list will be my ex bf who is getting married this feb. Good luck to him 🥳✌🏼Lucky fellow 😄God it hurts!
Followed by fam issues , politics , worrying about my procrastination. Does anyone know how to recollect the happy memories with their families ? Cuz there is some glitch in my memory. It just plays neverending reels of all the horrible things while I actually love the fam and know i have some incidents which are happy . How to bring in the inflow of positive memories ???

Post anonymously?

Hey. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be so harsh on ourselves when trying to control our thoughts. It’s alright if we think about the negative things SOMETIMES. Everytime you start having such thoughts, instantly distract yourself from them. Watch a movie, go out, listen to music whatever works for you!

Yeah I am kinda okay in the morning but nights are the harshest. Will have to try something to sleep early.

Thank you 🙂


Yes exactly, even I started sleeping early because it’s comparatively easier to get yourself back from overthinking during the day! Nights are harsh and miserable

Yeah that might in turn change many things.


It really would, try it out once! Just stay up the entire day, so that you fall asleep early at night. And it’s healthy for you as well! :)

Yeah. I already do that. May be if I start working out or something I would get tired and sleep off.


Yes, you should do that. It’ll help you stay fit as well as release happy hormones in your body

Exactly 👍

… i do not know. But I know a great ideas to make some like randomly buy your family a pizza! Or just tell them you miss them and play around :) And with procrastination I have 2 tips, they’re weird but it helps me so maybe it’ll help you! 1) procrastinate one thing with another. Don’t want to clean? Do some work/study/assignment. Don’t want to do your work? Exercise. Don’t want to exercise? clean 😂 and 2) pretend you’re in a TV show, like it’s your montage of working/cleaning/getting ready! I hope this helps!!!

It is very cool. Thank you. Mind blowing ideas🤯

:D more than welcome bro!