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im @emofarts4life

Question to the tall people

Dont you ever hate it when that one bitch in school goes like, “Woah, you’re tall!” well no fucking shit Sophia you know, WOAH why are you a goddamn garden gnome I can use your body as a border fence. “Jesus christ how are you tall are you sixteen?” no, how are You so fucking short, bitch? Im passing all my classes meanwhile you’re gonna get summer school, yeah I’m a 49 year old woman held back in this grade.

Also a question for the people with emetephobia

Isn’t it so annoying when someone mentions that embarassing fact? bro don’t worry she got what she deserved after the argument. She was afraid of balloons so I popped one. “oh, she’s just scared of throwing up” shut the fuck up Adrianna if you read this good because I have to swallow my pride to not grab dad’s hammer from his toolbox and smash that fucking gaming pc of yours wow so fucking quirky you play valorant that shit is like fortnite. Neon is not hot she looks like the goddamn gacha life version of Ukraine on her way to bomb russia with her blue raspberry and lemon ice cream mixture you have no idea how much hate I have bottled up for you and everything you do.

bro my posture is shit and my mom asks why like you’re tall too shouldn’t you know the embarassing feeling when you’re in a line in school and you can see every classmate’s head like fucking dominoes I’m going to sleep right now that warm chocolate milk got me good.

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