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Avni @avni

People who are always looking for google to give them answers about the symptoms they are experiencing, I have an advice. I did that too and that did not end up doing me any good.It kind of reinforces the thought that it is extremely difficult to overcome and that there is no hope. Not the right answer for someone who is looking reassurance and help. Instead get people involved if possible or better yet, a mental health professional. They will know the process of helping you get through this. Do not rely on online information you see. It is not 100% true and unreliable often times.

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Rashmi @rashmimalhotra


We know that but still we can’t stop thinking about it and getting . We want to know to cure them , we become curious why and how it happened. Online information is not so reliable but still we find some inspiring stories, something we can relate to and it sure helps us to relieve stress

Abhinav @abhinav


Hey Avni, listen, that time you only want to find the solution as soon as possible. I also do a lot of Google and it works almost times. You have to be just aware of the places you visit.


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